What is the Dundee Cyclathon 2022?

  • An INCLUSIVE cycle event with a LAUNCH DAY on Sunday 4 September, followed by a further 4 weeks, which you can complete anywhere in your local area with your friends, family or groups from work, clubs, or on your own.
  • A fun event open to all ages and abilities and which you can do outdoors on your bike or indoors on your exercise bike.
  • An opportunity to meet other like minded cyclists on Launch Day and enjoy cycling together.
  • Your chance to be a local hero and raise money for the STV Children’s Appeal to support the 1 in every 4 young people who are living in poverty. You can also raise money for your chosen charity.

When is it?

  • Launch Event – Sunday 4th September 2022
  • Sunday 4th to Sunday 2nd October 2022
    Cycle as often as you want and as far as you want during these days

How do I take part?

  • Register your name for the Cyclathon (it’s free):
    Sign up now

The first 50 people to register will receive a free STV Children’s Appeal T-shirt.

  • Ask your friends and family to see if they would like to join your team to make it more fun.
  • Start your journey by joining other cyclists at the Launch Event on Sunday, 4th September or start later, if it is more convenient.
  • Between 5th – 2nd October, decide on your own achievable distance target and plan your route in advance.
  • Set up your own fundraising page so that friends and family can sponsor you to raise money for the STV Children’s Appeal or your chosen charity.
  • When you have completed your challenge, you will receive a personalised certificate and medal to thank you for doing such a tremendous job. You will also be entered into a free raffle to win a bike.

How do I set up my online fundraising page?

  • Once you have registered, you will receive an email to welcome you to the Cyclathon which will include a link to the Cyclathon Just Giving page.
  • Click onto the orange “Start Fundraising” link on the Cyclathon Just Giving page to set up your own personal free Just Giving account and collect monies donated by your sponsors.  Why not share your page on your social media channels?
  • Try personalising your page with your own story and with your own picture to attract more donations
  • Run off copies of the sponsor form if you want to manually collect donations from friends and relatives who prefer to pay you in cash. You can then add the monies to your Just Giving page yourself.

Martel Maxwell video message placeholder

Martel Maxwell

“I am really excited about the Dundee Cyclathon 2022. Every year, the event raises money for children who need it most. So, put 10.30 – 11am on Sunday, September 4th and 4th Sept – 2nd October in your diary and get some exercise, pedalling for those who truly need your help. Get your helmets on!”Martel Maxwell

Top Tips for your Ride

Have lots of fun setting your own achievable distance target and safe routes which you can cycle in one go or spread across different days.

  1. Start your fundraising early.  Get registered and set up your Just Giving page as soon as possible.
  2. Set yourself a challenging goal for your fundraising.  Even if you don’t achieve it you are likely to raise more money.  Contact friends and family first and try to get a “Good” donation early on as people often match previous donations.
  3. Try to relate your target for the event to an actual journey (e.g. 18 miles per day x 14 days = 252 miles, the equivalent of cycling from Dundee to John o Groats or 6 miles per day x 14 days = 84 miles, the equivalent of cycling from Dundee to Glasgow).
  4. Use Dundee’s Cycle routes, such as the Green Circular (26 miles). Where else can you see dolphins, red squirrels and highland cattle while cycling?
  5. Working together with others makes it more fun and you can encourage each other.
  6. Use social media to spread the word about what you are doing.  Include the Just Giving link to make it easy to donate.
  7. Have fun and stay healthy. Cycling is good for your cardiovascular fitness. Stay safe! See our advice below on safe cycling.


  • Recommended distances for children up to 7 who must be accompanied by an adult = 13 miles
  • Recommended distances for 8-12 year olds who must be accompanied by an adult = 25 miles
  • Avoid very busy roads or dangerous tracks
  • Wear a helmet and bright clothing
  • Use lights if visibility is poor
  • Your bike must have a bicycle horn or bell
  • Take care and take your time crossing road junctions
  • Respect other road users and pedestrians
  • Observe Government guidance on social distancing and other current safety measures